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CoralHue™ Basic fluorescent proteins

  • Brightly colored fluorescent proteins
  • Direct expression in cells without cytotoxicity

Diversity of Amalgaam’s basic fluorescent proteins

Amalgaam offers various fluorescent colors, from cyan to far-red, for labeling cells, subcellular structures and proteins, without cytotoxicity. Stable transformant cells and transgenic animals can also be established with our basic fluorescent proteins.

Products Name Color Excit./Emiss.
Maxima (nm)
Oligomerization *Brightness
KCy KCy1: Kusabira-Cyan Cyan 453/486 Dimer 16.9
Micy MiCy: Midoriishi-Cyan Cyan 472/495 Dimer 24.5
mMiCy: monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan Cyan 470/496 Monomer 15.5
UKG mUkG1: monomeric Umikinoko-Green1 Green 483/499 Monomer 43.2
AG AG: Azami-Green Green 492/505 Tetramer 48.4
mAG1: monomeric Azami-Green1 Green 492/505 Monomer 40.7
mAG407: monomeric Azami-Green407 Green 407/498 Monomer 13.6
KO KO1: Kusabira-Orange1 Orange 548/561 Dimer 33.2
mKO1: monomeric Kusabira-Orange1 Orange 548/559 Monomer 31.0
mKO2: monomeric Kusabira-Orange2 Orange 551/565 Monomer 39.6
dKeima dKeima570 Orange 440/570 Dimer 2.1
Keima-Red dKeima-Red Red 440/616 Dimer 7.6
mKeima-Red: monomeric Keima-Red Red 440/620 Monomer 3.5

*Brightness is shown by molar extinction coefficient x fluorescence quantum yield /1000.

CoralHue™ fluorescent protein vectors product codes

Form Excitation macima
Emission maxima
S1 MC1 MN1 MCLinker MNLinker
KCy1 Dimer 453 486 AM-V0171M        
MiCy1 Dimer 472 495 AM-V0061M        
mMiCy1 Monomer 470 496 AM-V0111M        
hmMiCy1 Monomer 470 496   AM-V0115M AM-V0116M AM-V0119M AM-V0110M
mUKG1 Monomer 483 499 AM-V0161M        
hmUKG1 Monomer 483 499 AM-V0164M AM-V0165M AM-V0166M    
AG Tetramer 492 505 AM-V0021M        
mAG1 Monomer 492 505 AM-V0031M AM-V0032M AM-V0033M    
hmAG1 Monomer 492 505 AM-V0034M AM-V0035M AM-V0036M AM-V0039M AM-V0030M
hmAG407 Monomer 407 498 AM-V0504M        
KO1 Dimer 548 561 AM-V0041M        
mKO1 Monomer 548 559 AM-V0051M AM-V0052M AM-V0053M    
mKO2 Monomer 551 565 AM-V0141M        
hKO1 Dimer 548 561 AM-V0044M AM-V0045M AM-V0046M    
hmKO2 Monomer 548 559 AM-V0054M AM-V0055M AM-V0056M AM-V0059M AM-V0050M
hmKO2 Monomer 551 565   AM-V0145M AM-V0146M AM-V0149M AM-V0140M
dKeima570 Dimer 440 570 AM-V0121M        
hdKeima570 Dimer 440 570 AM-V0124M     AM-V0129M AM-V0120M
dKeima-Red Dimer 440 616 AM-V0101M        
mKeima-Red Monomer 440 620 AM-V0091M   AM-V0093M    
hdKeima-Red Dimer 440 616 AM-V0104M     AM-V0109M AM-V0100M
hmKeima-Red Monomer 440 620 AM-V0094M     AM-V0099M AM-V0090M
Dronpa Green
DG1 Monomer 503 518 AM-V0071M AM-V0072M AM-V0073M    
hDG1 Monomer 503 518       AM-V0079M AM-V0070M
DG3 Monomer 491 514 AM-V0131M        
Kaede Tetramer 508/572 518/580 AM-V0011M AM-V0012M AM-V0013M    
Kikume Green-Red
KikGR1 Tetramer 507/583 517/593 AM-V0081M AM-V0082M AM-V0083M    
mKikGR1 Monomer 505/580 517/591 AM-V0151M        
hKikGR1 Tetramer 507/583 517/593 AM-V0084M AM-V0085M AM-V0086M AM-V0089M AM-V0080M
hmKikGR1 Monomer 505/580 517/591       AM-V0159M AM-V0150M

S1: Vectors for subcloning
MC1, MN1: Expression vectors
Linker: Expression vectors with flexible linker (The linker sequence: TGNSADGGGGSGGSGGSGGGSTQG)
h: Humanized-codon
m: Monomer
d: Dimer

CoralHue fluorescent proteins were co-developed with the Laboratory for Cell Function and Dynamics, the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN. MBL possesses the license.

Vector map

coralhue vector maps

CoralHue™ fluorescent proteins were co-developed with the Laboratory for Cell Function and Dynamics, the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN. MBL possesses the license and deals in the products.

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