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Qkine’s animal-free growth factors and cytokines

To enhance reproducibility of stem cell and organoid cultures and compatible with scale-up applications, all Qkine’s growth factors and cytokines meet the following specifications!

  • Highest purity and bioactivity
  • Carrier protein free
  • Animal-origin free (AOF) or animal-derived component free (ADCF)

Products list

Product listed in Code order

Code Product species reactivity
QK001 human activin A human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine
QK002 zebrafish FGF-2 (bFGF) zebrafish
QK003 human FGF-10 human/rat/bovine/porcine
QK004 human FGF-4 human
QK005 human activin A PLUS human/mouse/rat
QK006 human R-spondin 1 human
QK007 human BMP-2 human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine
QK010 human TGF-β1 PLUS human/bovine/porcine
QK011 human EGF human
QK013 human HGF (NK1) human
QK015 human Gremlin 1 human/bovine/porcine
QK017 human GDF-15 human
QK018 mouse LIF mouse
QK025 human FGF-2 (bFGF) 145 aa human
QK027 human FGF-2 (bFGF) 154 aa human
QK031 human R-spondin 1 LR5 human
QK032 human R-spondin 3 human
QK033 mouse noggin mouse/rat
QK034 human noggin human
QK035 human follistatin-resistant activin A human/mouse/rat
QK036 human LIF human
QK038 human BMP-4 human
QK039 human FGF-9 human
QK040 bovine/porcine FGF-2 (bFGF) bovine/porcine
QK041 human/bovine/porcine IGF-1 LR3 human/bovine/porcine
QK042 mouse FGF-2 (bFGF) mouse
QK043 human PDGF-AA human
QK044 human PDGF-BB human
QK045 human NRG-1 human/bovine/porcine
QK046 human KGF (FGF-7) human
QK047 human IGF-1 human/bovine/porcine
QK048 human VEGF 165 human
QK049 human OSM human
QK050 human BDNF human/mouse/rat/bovine/
QK051 human GDNF human
QK052 FGF2-G3 (145 aa) species neutral
QK053 FGF2-G3 species neutral
QK054 human TGF-β3 human
QK055 human Shh human
QK056 bovine/porcine FGF-2 (bFGF) 154 aa bovine/porcine
QK057 human FGF-8b human/mouse
QK058 human NT-3 human/mouse/rat/porcine
QK059 human FGF-8a human/mouse
QK060 bovine HGF (NK1) bovine
QK061 porcine HGF (NK1) porcine
QK063 human CNTF human
QK064 porcine EGF porcine
QK071 human FGF-1 human
QK074 human G-CSF human
QK075 human M-CSF human
QK076 human GM-CSF human
QK090 human IL-3 human

Product listed in Alphabetical order

Alphabetical order Product species reactivity Code
A Activin human activin A human/mouse/rat
human activin A PLUS human/mouse/rat QK005
human follistatin-resistant activin A human/mouse/rat QK035
B BDNF human BDNF human/mouse/rat/bovine
BMP-2 human BMP-2 human/mouse/rat
BMP-4 human BMP-4 human QK038
C CNTF human CNTF human QK063
E EGF human EGF human QK011
porcine EGF porcine QK064
F FGF-1 human FGF-1 human QK071
FGF-2 human FGF-2 (bFGF) 145 aa human QK025
human FGF-2 (bFGF) 154 aa human QK027
bovine/porcine FGF-2 (bFGF) bovine/porcine QK040
bovine/porcine FGF-2 (bFGF) 154 aa bovine/porcine QK056
mouse FGF-2 (bFGF) mouse QK042
zebrafish FGF-2 (bFGF) zebrafish QK002
FGF2-G3 (145 aa) species neutral QK052
FGF2-G3 species neutral QK053
FGF-4 human FGF-4 human QK004
FGF-7 human KGF (FGF-7) human QK046
FGF-8 human FGF-8a human/mouse QK059
human FGF-8b human/mouse QK057
FGF-9 human FGF-9 human QK039
FGF-10 human FGF-10 human/rat/bovine/porcine QK003
G G-CSF human G-CSF human QK074
GDF-15 human GDF-15 human QK017
GDNF human GDNF human QK051
GM-CSF human GM-CSF human QK076
Gremlin 1 human Gremlin 1 human/bovine/porcine QK015
H HGF human HGF (NK1) human QK013
bovine HGF (NK1) bovine QK060
porcine HGF (NK1) porcine QK061
I IGF-1 human IGF-1 human/bovine/porcine QK047
human/bovine/porcine IGF-1 LR3 human/bovine/porcine QK090
IL-3 human IL-3 human QK090
K KGF human KGF (FGF-7) human QK046
L LIF human LIF human QK036
mouse LIF mouse QK018
M M-CSF human M-CSF human QK075
N Noggin human noggin human QK034
mouse noggin mouse/rat QK033
NRG-1 human NRG-1 human/bovine/porcine QK045
NT-3 human NT-3 human/mouse/rat/porcine QK058
O OSM human OSM human QK049
P PDGF human PDGF-AA human QK043
human PDGF-BB human QK044
R R-spondin 1 human R-spondin 1 human QK006
human R-spondin 1 LR5 human QK031
R-spondin 3 human R-spondin 3 human QK032
S Shh human Shh human QK055
T TGF-β1 human TGF-β1 PLUS human/bovine/porcine QK010
TGF-β3 human TGF-β3 human QK054
V VEGF human VEGF 165 human QK048

Related Product

Code Product Note
QK1001 Reconstitution solution A For reconstitution of Qkine's lyophilized proteins*

*Before reconstitution of Qkine's lyophilized proteins, check the "Reconstitution solution finder" on the Qkine's website "Protein preparation and storage".

When culturing organoids, stem cells, or other tissues, if you are to use this product in combination with other factor or factors (hereunder factors), a third party may have a patent on the use or other application of the factors concerned.
Regarding to this product, we do not offer any non-infringement warranty when used or otherwise applied in combination with other factors. Therefore, if you intend to use this product in combination with other factors, please check with your organization’s division responsible for intellectual property rights or your research agency before using this product.