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MBL RUO LETTER is a periodical publication by RUO group, which provides the newest topics of MBL's research reagents and services.
PDF versions can be downloaded from the link below.
The information contained in these catalogs is the information at the time of publication.
To date, specifications, prices, conditions, etc. may have changed, or products may have been discontinued.

MBL RUO LETTER Vol.3 Feb. 2018

◎ Highlight Product :
  ExoCap™ Product - Research tools for extracellular vesicles -
◎ Exhibition booth at Taiwan on November
◎ Exhibition / Webinar on March

PDF: 1.1MB

MBL RUO LETTER Vol.2 Nov. 2017

◎ Highlight Product : p62 and phospho-p62 ELISA Kits
◎ New & Renewal Website
 ・Epitope Tag Antibodies
 ・Principle and method of the experiment

PDF: 2.4MB

MBL RUO LETTER Vol.1 Sep. 2017

◎ Highlight Product : QuickSwitchTM Custom Tetramer kits
◎ Featured Product :
    PCSK9 ELISA Kit & PCSK9-LDLR in vitro Binding Assay Kit
◎ Attended The 8th International Symposium on Autophagy

PDF: 2.0MB