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Code No. AM-V0109M

CoralHue® humanized dimeric Keima-Red (phdKeima-Red-MCL)



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Sep 18, 2021 in JST)


20 µg

Related information
  • Plasmid map of phdKeima-Red-MCL

    Plasmid map of phdKeima-Red-MCL

  • Experimental example

    Experimental example
    CoralHue® hdKeima-Red expression in HeLa cells.

Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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  1. Kogure T et al. A fluorescent variant of a protein from the stony coral Montipora facilitates dual-color single-laser fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy. Nat Biotechol. 24, 577-81 (2006)(PMID: 16648840
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Fluorescent proteins

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