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Code No. CY-1160

CycLex® Rho-kinase Assay Kit





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キット構成品 Microplate (coated with recombinant MBS C-terminus(758-1032 a.a.) as Rho-kinase substrate), 10×Wash Buffer, Kinase Buffer, 20×ATP, HRP conjugated Detection Antibody, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
使用目的 This Kit is primarily designed to measure the activities of purified Rho-kinase or DMPK for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of inhibitors or activators.
保存温度 4°C メーカー MBL
関連製品 CY-E1160-1 Rho-kinase II Positive Control
CY-E1160-2 DMPK Positive Control
CY-M1011 Anti-Phospho-MBS (MYPT1) (Thr696) mAb
使用文献 使用文献募集中!本製品を使って論文を発表されましたら是非お知らせください。
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