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Code No. PM005

Anti-RFP pAb





(2019/09/23 17:00時点)


100 µL

The antibody reacts with DsRed, mRFP1, mCherry, mOrange, mPlum, mStrawberry and tdTomato
  • Western Blotting

  • Immunocytochemistry

クローナリティー Polyclonal クローン Polyclonal
Rabbit IgG
  (PMID: 21331036 / 20534674 / 20008127
reported.  (PMID: 29481606
免疫原(抗原) RFP
[Gene ID]


性状 PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
保存温度 -20°C 標識 Unlabeled メーカー MBL
別称 Red fluorescent protein
背景 Expression vectors containing a protein and a tag protein are commonly used. Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) fusion protein expression system is preferably used in various laboratories because of an easy monitoring of fusion proteins. This specific antibody for RFP is useful tool for monitoring of the fusion protein expression.
関連製品 PM005-7 Anti-RFP pAb-HRP-DirecT
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Western Blotting

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