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Code No. CY-1253V2

CycLex® NAD+/NADH Colorimetric Assay Kit Ver.2



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100 Assays

  • Experimental example

    Experimental example
    NAD+ and NADH concentrations in cell extracts of SW480 and Jurkat cells.

  • Effect of FK866 on NAD+ and NADH concentrations

    Effect of FK866 on NAD<sup>+</sup> and NADH concentrations
    NAD+ and NADH concentrations in cell extracts of Jurkat cells treated with NAMPT specific inhibitor FK866 at indicated concentrations.

  • Time course of NADH standards

    Time course of NADH standards

Components NAD+/NADH Assay Buffer (20X), WST-1, ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase), Diaphorase, EtOH Solution, 400 µM NADH, 20X Standard Dilution Buffer
Intended use This Kit provides a convenient method for sensitive measurement of NAD+, NADH and their ratio in cell extracts. This kit is designed for specific detection of NAD+ and NADH by an enzyme cycling reaction.
Storage temp. -70°C Manufacturer MBL
Sample Cell lysate
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