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Code No. TS-M159-2




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Oct 17, 2021 in JST)


50 tests

Class Class I Animal species Human
Category virus
Conjugate APC
Immunogen (Antigen) EBV LMP2
MHC Allele A*02:01
Location (aa) 264-272 Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
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TS-M031-2 HLA-A*02:01 EBV LMP2 Tetramer-LLWTLVVLL-APC
TS-M032-2 HLA-A*02:01 EBV LMP2 Tetramer-CLGGLLTMV-APC
TS-M069-2 HLA-A*02:01 EBV LMP2 Tetramer-FLYALALLL-APC
TS-M161-2 HLA-A*02:01 EBV LMP2 I6M Tetramer-TVCGGMMFL-APC
Product category
Research area
MHC tetramer

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