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Code No. TS-5001-P

H-2Kb OVA peptide



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100 µL

Class Peptide Animal species Mouse
Category OVA
Immunogen (Antigen) OVA
MHC Allele H-2Kb
Location (aa) 257-264 Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
  1. Okuma A et al. p16Ink4a and p21Cip1/Waf1 promote tumour growth by enhancing myeloid-derived suppressor cells chemotaxis. Nat Commun. 8, 2050 (2017)(PMID:29234059)
  1. Shime H et al. Toll-like receptor 2 ligand and interferon-γ suppress anti-tumor T cell responses by enhancing the immunosuppressive activity of monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Oncoimmunology. 7, e1373231 (2017)(PMID:29296526)
  1. Takeda Y et al. Vaccine immunotherapy with ARNAX induces tumor-specific memory T cells and durable anti-tumor immunity in mouse models. Cancer Sci. 109, 2119-2129 (2018)(PMID:29791768)
  1. Mulati K et al. VISTA expressed in tumour cells regulates T cell function. Br J Cancer. 120 115-127 (2019)(PMID:30382166)
  1. Sasaki K et al. Modulation of autoimmune pathogenesis by T cell-triggered inflammatory cell death. Nat Commun. 10, 3878 (2019)(PMID:31462647)
Product category
Research area
MHC tetramer

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