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Code No. AM-VS0801M

humanized Azami-Green for Fluoppi (phAG-MNL/MCL)



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10 µg + 10 µg

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  • Properties of fluorescent protein "humanized Azami-Greem"

    Properties of fluorescent protein "humanized Azami-Greem"

  • Plasmid map: phAG-MNL

    Plasmid map: phAG-MNL

  • Plasmid map: phAG-MCL

    Plasmid map: phAG-MCL

Components Plasmids (phAG-MNL, phAG-MCL)
Intended use For Fluoppi analysis. Fluoppi is a technology providing an easy way to visualize protein-protein interactions (PPIs) with a high signal to noise ratio.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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  1. Wakura R et al. The comparison of nailfold videocapillaroscopy findings between anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 antibody and anti-aminoacyl tRNA synthetase antibody in patients with dermatomyositis complicated by interstitial lung disease. Sci Rep.10, 15692 (2020) (PMID:32973255)
  1. Karasawa S et al. A green-emitting fluorescent protein from Galaxeidae coral and its monomeric version for use in fluorescent labeling. J Biol Chem. 278, 34167-34171 (2003)
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Drug discovery
Fluorescent proteins

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