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Code No. 8469

DAB Substrate Solution (Histostar™)



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600 tests

Components Chromogenic Substrate, Substrate Buffer, Chromogenic Reagent
Intended use Histostar™ DAB Substrate is designed for use on immunohistochemical staining of tissue sections.
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
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  1. Suzuki A et al. Defined lifestyle and germline factors predispose Asian populations to gastric cancer. Sci Adv. 6, eaav9778 (2020)(PMID:32426482)


  1. Atsumi S et al. Focal adhesion ribonucleoprotein complex proteins are major humoral cancer antigens and targets in autoimmune diseases. Commun Biol. 3, 588 (2020) (PMID:33067514)
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