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Code No. 5331

Ab-Match Assembly Human MICB Kit



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Sep 28, 2021 in JST)


96 wells

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    Reference data

Components MICB standard, Anti-MICB capture antibody, Anti-MICB detection antibody, Streptavidin conj. peroxidase
Intended use By using Ab-Match Assembly Human MICB (MHC class I Chain-related gene B) Kit incombination with the Ab-Match Universal Kit (MBL; code no. 5310), human MICB can be measured quantitatively and specifically.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
Animal species
[Gene ID]
Sample Serum
Sensitivity LOB: 1.41 pg/mL, LOQ: 13.66 pg/mL
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  1. Miyashita T et al. Low-dose valproic acid with low-dose gemcitabine augments MHC class I-related chain A/B expression without inducing the release of soluble MHC class I-related chain A/B. Oncol Lett. 14, 5918-5926 (2017)(PMID:29113227)
  1. Salih HR et al. Functional expression and release of ligands for the activating immunoreceptor NKG2D in leukemia. Blood. 102, 1389-96 (2003)(PMID: 12714493
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  5. Waldhauer I et al. Tumor-associated MICA is shed by ADAM proteases. Cancer Res. 68, 6368-76 (2008)(PMID: 18676862
  6. Kloss M et al. Interaction of monocytes with NK cells upon Toll-like receptor-induced expression of the NKG2D ligand MICA. J immunol. 181, 6711-9 (2008)(PMID: 18981088
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