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Code No. M177-3

Anti-β-Actin mAb



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100 µg/100 µL

  • Western Blotting

  • Immunoprecipitation

Clonality Monoclonal Clone 6D1
Isotype (Immunized Animal) Mouse IgG1 κ
1 µg/mL  
2 µL/200 µL of cell extract from 2 x 106 cells  
Immunogen (Antigen) N-terminal β-Actin synthetic peptide
Reactivity [Gene ID]

Human, Mouse, Rat, Hamster, Chicken, Porcine*(PMID: 32768229)

Storage buffer 1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
Storage temp. -20°C Conjugate Unlabeled Manufacturer MBL
Background Actin is a 42 kDa protein found in eukaryotic cells. Actin is also one of the most highly conserved proteins. Actin participates in many important cellular activities including muscle contraction, cell movement, cell division and the formation of the cytoskeleton. The beta actin exists in most cell types as components of the cytoskeleton.
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Western Blotting

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