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Code No. M044-3

Anti-XIAP (MIHA/ILP-a) mAb



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100 µg/100 µL

This antibody recognizes C-terminal region of XIAP (352-449 aa) and detects 55 kDa of XIAP on Western Blot using total cell lysate from human or mouse cell line, for example, Jurkat, Raji, NIH/3T3, etc.
  • Western Blotting

Clonality Monoclonal Clone 2F1
Isotype (Immunized Animal) Mouse IgG1
1 µg/mL  
reported.  (PMID: 15576477 / 18056177 / 11489828
Immunogen (Antigen) Recombinant Human full length XIAP
Reactivity [Gene ID]

Human[331], Mouse[11798], Rat(w)[63879]

Storage buffer 1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
Storage temp. -20°C Conjugate Unlabeled Manufacturer MBL
Alternative names X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis, API3, ILP1, XLP2, BIRC4, IAP-3, hIAP3, hIAP-3
Background Caspase, related to ICE and to CED-3, plays central roles as effectors of apoptosis. Ablation of caspase activity is attained by p35 from baculovirus and CrmA from cowpox, which appear to be suicide inactivators, strongly inhibiting caspase activity. Overexpression of there caspase inhibitors in insect, nematoda and mammalian cells results in resistance to apoptotic stimuli, demonstrating that components of the apoptotic pathway are highly conserved throughout evolution, and leading to the speculation that mammalian functional equivalents of these protease inhibitors may exist. The inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) are a family of anti-apoptotic proteins that are conserved across species. Four IAPs have been identified in mammal; NAIP, cIAP1/HIAP2/hMIHB, cIAP2/HIAP1/hMIHC, XIAP/hILP. A prototype of the human IAPs is the XIAP, with a 1.5 kb coding region corresponding to a 55 kDa protein. XIAP can directly inhibit two members of the cell death protease family, caspase-3 and -7.
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Western Blotting

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