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MBL RUO TOPICS is a periodical publication by RUO group, which provides the newest topics of MBL's research reagents and services.
PDF versions can be downloaded from the link below.

Oct. 2012 Special Topic: Analysis tools for protein degradation

◎ Autophagy・Apoptosis・Ubiquitin-Proteasome

PDF: 1.4MB



Vol.3 Special Topic: Research tools for lifestyle diseases and glioblastoma

◎ Lifestyle diseases: AMPK, PCSK9, CML, Adiponectin
◎ Glioblastoma marker: Anti-mutant IDH1 antibodies

PDF: 1.8MB

Vol.2 Special Topic: Sophisticated analytical tools to evaluate molecular interaction

Tagged protein PURIFICATION KIT, RiboCluster Profiler® 
◎ Hot Products: Chitotriosidase-related products〜

PDF: 1.2MB

Vol.1 Special Topic: Tools for labeling organelles - Powerful tools to study intracellular localization of proteins! -

Organelle Marker Antibodies, CoralHue®Organelle Targeting Vector
◎ MaxBlot, Loading Control Antibodies for WB

PDF: 3.2MB