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About the code number change of some MHC tetramer products

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that the following MHC tetramer products' code numbers have been revised.
Others, such as the quality, the specifications, and the prices are not changed.
We apologize for the inconveniences.

Your understanding is deeply appreciated.


change date:Oct 3, 2016

Product List

Previous product Code No. New product Code No. Product name
TS-0007-4 TB-M027-4 HLA-A*02:01 HIV gag Tetramer-SLYNTVATL-BV421
TS-0008-4 TB-0008-4 HLA-A*02:01 HIV pol Tetramer-ILKEPVHGV-BV421
TS-0009-4 TB-0009-4 HLA-A*02:01 Mart-1 Tetramer-ELAGIGILTV-BV421
TS-0010-4 TB-0010-4 HLA-A*02:01 CMV pp65 Tetramer-NLVPMVATV-BV421
TS-0011-4 TB-0011-4 HLA-A*02:01 EBV BMLF1 Tetramer-GLCTLVAML-BV421
TS-0012-4 TB-0012-4 HLA-A*02:01 Influenza-M1 Tetramer-GILGFVFTL-BV421
TS-0013-4 TB-0013-4 HLA-A*02:01 gp100 (mutant) Tetramer-IMDQVPFSV-BV421
TS-0014-4 TB-0014-4 HLA-A*02:01 gp100 (Wild) Tetramer-ITDQVPFSV-BV421
TS-0015-4 TB-0015-4 HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu E75 Tetramer-KIFGSLAFL-BV421
TS-0016-1 TB-0016-1 HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu Tetramer-RLLQETELV-PE
TS-0016-2 TB-0016-2 HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu Tetramer-RLLQETELV-APC
TS-0016-4 TB-0016-4 HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu Tetramer-RLLQETELV-BV421
TS-0017-1 TB-0017-1 HLA-A*02:01 PR-1 Tetramer-VLQELNVTV-PE
TS-0017-2 TB-0017-2 HLA-A*02:01 PR-1 Tetramer-VLQELNVTV-APC
TS-0017-4 TB-0017-4 HLA-A*02:01 PR-1 Tetramer-VLQELNVTV-BV421
TS-0018-4 TB-0018-4 HLA-A*02:01 HBV core Tetramer-FLPSDFFPSV-BV421
TS-0019-4 TB-0019-4 HLA-A*02:01 Tyrosinase Tetramer-YMDGTMSQV-BV421
TS-0020-4 TB-0020-4 HLA-A*24:02 CMV pp65 Tetramer-QYDPVAALF-BV421
TS-0022-4 TB-0022-4 HLA-A*24:02 HBV core Tetramer-EYLVSFGVW-BV421
TS-0023-4 TB-0023-4 HLA-A*24:02 HBV pol Tetramer-KYTSFPWLL-BV421
TS-0024-4 TB-0024-4 HLA-A*01:01 CMV pp50 Tetramer-VTEHDTLLY-BV421
TS-0025-4 TB-0025-4 HLA-B*07:02 CMV pp65 Tetramer-TPRVTGGGAM-BV421
TS-0026-4 TB-0026-4 HLA-B*08:01 CMV IE1 Teramer-ELRRKMMYM-BV421
TS-0027-4 TB-0027-4 HLA-B*35:01 CMV pp65 Tetramer-IPSINVHHY-BV421
TS-0028-4 TB-M017-4 HLA-A*02:01 HTLV-1 Tax11-19 Tetramer-LLFGYPVYV-BV421
TS-0029-4 TB-0029-4 HLA-A*02:01 Negative Tetramer-BV421
TS-0031-1 TB-0031-1 HLA-A*02:01 HPV16 E7 Tetramer-YMLDLQPET-PE
TS-0031-2 TB-0031-2 HLA-A*02:01 HPV E7 Tetramer-YMLDLQPET-APC
TS-0031-4 TB-0031-4 HLA-A*02:01 HPV16 E7 Tetramer-YMLDLQPET-BV421
TS-0033-4 TB-M016-4 HLA-A*02:01 WT-1 126-134 Tetramer-RMFPNAPYL-BV421
TS-0034-4 TB-M011-4 HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 Tetramer-SLLMWITQC-BV421
TS-0035-4 TB-0035-4 HLA-A*02:01 gp100 154-162 Tetarmer-KTWGQYWQV-BV421
TS-0036-4 TB-M039-4 HLA-A*02:01 HCV NS3 1073-1081 Tetramer-CINGVCWTV-BV421
TS-0037-4 TB-M070-4 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A1 Tetramer-KVLEYVIKV-BV421
TS-0038-4 TB-M074-4 HLA-A*01:01 MAGE-A3 Tetramer-EVDPIGHLY-BV421
TS-0039-4 TB-M105-4 HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 C9V Tetramer-SLLMWITQV-BV421
TS-0040-4 TB-M014-4 HLA-A*24:02 modified WT1 Tetramer-CYTWNQMNL-BV421
TS-5001-4 TB-5001-4 H-2Kb OVA Tetramer-SIINFEKL-BV421
TS-5002-4 TB-5002-4 H-2Db LCMV gp33 Tetramer-KAVYNFATC-BV421
TS-5003-1 TB-5003-1 Mamu-A*01 SIV gag-Tetramer-CTPYDINQM-PE
TS-5003-2 TB-5003-2 Mamu-A*01 SIV gag-Tetramer-CTPYDINQM-APC
TS-5003-4 TB-5003-4 Mamu-A*01 SIV gag Tetramer-CTPYDINQM-BV421
TS-5004-4 TB-5004-4 H-2Kb TRP2 Tetramer-SVYDFFVWL-BV421
TS-5005-4 TB-M505-4 H-2Db human gp 100 Tetramer-KVPRNQDWL-BV421
TS-5006-4 TB-M506-4 H-2Kd RSV M2 Tetramer-SYIGSINNI-BV421
TS-5007-1 TB-5007-1 H-2Kd HIV gag Tetramer-AMQMLKETI-PE
TS-5007-2 TB-5007-2 H-2Kd HIV gag Tetramer-AMQMLKETI-APC
TS-5007-4 TB-5007-4 H-2Kd HIV gag Tetramer-AMQMLKETI-BV421
TS-5008-4 TB-5008-4 H-2Db HPV 16 E7 Tetramer-RAHYNIVTF-BV421
TS-5009-1 TB-5009-1 H-2Db LCMV gp 276-286 Tetramer-SGVENPGGYCL-PE
TS-5009-2 TB-5009-2 H-2Db LCMV gp 276-286 Tetramer-SGVENPGGYCL-APC
TS-5009-4 TB-5009-4 H-2Db LCMV gp 276-286 Tetramer-SGVENPGGYCL-BV421
TS-5010-4 TB-5010-4 H-2Kb LCMV gp34-41 Tetramer-AVYNFATC-BV421
TS-5011-1 TB-5011-1 H-2Kb LCMV gp34-43 Tetramer-AVYNFATCGI-PE
TS-5011-2 TB-5011-2 H-2Kb LCMV gp34-43 Tetramer-AVYNFATCGI-APC
TS-5011-4 TB-5011-4 H-2Kb LCMV gp34-43 Tetramer-AVYNFATCGI-BV421
TS-5012-1 TB-5012-1 H-2Kb LCMV gp118-125 Tetramer-ISHNFCNL-PE
TS-5012-2 TB-5012-2 H-2Kb LCMV gp118-125 Tetramer-ISHNFCNL-APC
TS-5012-4 TB-5012-4 H-2Kb LCMV gp118-125 Tetramer-ISHNFCNL-BV421
TS-5013-4 TB-M513-4 H-2Db LCMV NP369 Tetramer-FQPQNGQFI-BV421
TS-5014-1 TB-5014-1 H-2Kb LCMV L protein Tetramer-LEYDFNKL-PE
TS-5014-2 TB-5014-2 H-2Kb LCMV L protein Tetramer-LEYDFNKL-APC
TS-5014-4 TB-5014-4 H-2Kb LCMV L protein Tetramer-LEYDFNKL-BV421
TS-5015-1 TB-5015-1 H-2Kb LCMV NP 205-212 Tetramer-YTVKYPNL-PE
TS-5015-2 TB-5015-2 H-2Kb LCMV NP 205-212 Tetramer-YTVKYPNL-APC
TS-5015-4 TB-5015-4 H-2Kb LCMV NP 205-212 Tetramer-YTVKYPNL-BV421
TS-5016-1 TB-5016-1 H-2Db MoMSV-(Abu)(Abu)L(Abu)LTVFL-PE
TS-5016-2 TB-5016-2 H-2Db MoMSV-(Abu)(Abu)L(Abu)LTVFL-APC
TS-5016-4 TB-5016-4 H-2Db MoMSV-(Abu)(Abu)L(Abu)LTVFL-BV421
TS-5017-4 TB-5017-4 H-2Db SIV gag Tetamer-AAVKNWMTQTL-BV421
TS-5018-4 TB-5018-4 H-2Db RSV M1 87-195 Teramer-NAITNAKII-BV421
TS-5019-2 TB-M524-2 H-2Db HY Uty Tetramer-WMHHNMDLI-APC
TS-5019-4 TB-M524-4 H-2Db HY Uty Tetramer-WMHHNMDLI-BV421
TS-5020-4 TB-M539-4 H-2Db SV40 large T Ag 206-215 Tetramer-SAINNYAQKL-BV421
TS-5021-1 TB-5021-1 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef RM9 Tetramer-RPKVPLRTM-PE
TS-5021-2 TB-5021-2 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef RM9 Tetramer-RPKVPLRTM-APC
TS-5021-4 TB-5021-4 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef RM9 Tetramer-RPKVPLRTM-BV421
TS-5022-1 TB-5022-1 Mafa-A1*063 SIV gag GW9 Tetramer-GPRKPIKCW-PE
TS-5022-2 TB-5022-2 Mafa-A1*063 SIV gag GW9 Tetramer-GPRKPIKCW-APC
TS-5022-4 TB-5022-4 Mafa-A1*063 SIV gag GW9 Tetramer-GPRKPIKCW-BV421
TS-5023-1 TB-5023-1 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef HW8 Tetramer-HPAQTSQW-PE
TS-5023-2 TB-5023-2 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef HW8 Tetramer-HPAQTSQW-APC
TS-5023-4 TB-5023-4 Mafa-A1*063 SIV nef HW8 Tetramer-HPAQTSQW-BV421
TS-5024-1 TB-5024-1 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV gag NA9 Tetramer-NCVGDHQAA-PE
TS-5024-2 TB-5024-2 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV gag NA9 Tetramer-NCVGDHQAA-APC
TS-5024-4 TB-5024-4 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV gag NA9 Tetramer-NCVGDHQAA-BV421
TS-5025-1 TB-5025-1 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV nef LT9 Tetramer-LNMADKKET-PE
TS-5025-2 TB-5025-2 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV nef LT9 Tetramer-LNMADKKET-APC
TS-5025-4 TB-5025-4 Mafa-B*104:01 SIV nef LT9 Tetramer-LNMADKKET-BV421