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“Anti-Myc-tag antibodyアイコン"

Anti-Myc-tag antibody

Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3)

  • Beats clone 9E10 in sensitivity.

Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3) Data

■ Western blot  High sensitivity ■ Immunoprecipitation
Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3) WB Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3) IP
■ Flow cytometry ■ Immunocytochemistry
Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3) FCM Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: My3) IC

Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: PL14)

  • This clone has wide variety of line-up including labeled antibodies.

Anti-Myc-tag mAb (Clone: PL14) Data  

■ Western blot ■ Immunoprecipitation
Myc-tag mAb(Clone:PL14) WB Myc-tag mAb(Clone:PL14) IP
■ Immunocytochemistry (Alexa Fluor® labeled)
Myc-tag mAb(Clone:PL14) Alexa Fluor IC

Anti-Myc-tag pAb

  • This polyclonal antibody is highly cited.
  • Can be used in WB, IP and IC. ChIP is reported in the articles.

Anti-Myc-tag pAb Data

■ Immunocytochemistry
Myc-tag pAb IC