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“Anti-GFP antibodyアイコン"

Anti-GFP antibody

Anti-GFP pAb

  • The best Anti-GFP! Cumulative citations 500+!
  • Can be used in wide variety of applications: WB, IP, IC, FCM.

Anti-GFP pAb Data

■ Western blotting ■ Western blotting
(HRP conjugated
anti-GFP pAb WB anti-GFP pAb HRP WB
■ Immunohistochemistry ■ Immunocytochemistry
Anti-GFP pAb IH renilla GFP IP

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Anti-GFP mAb (Clona: 1E4)

  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications: WB, IP, IC, IH.

Anti-GFP mAb (Clone: 1E4) Data

■ Western blot ■ Immunoprecipitation
Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) WB Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) IP
■ Immunohistochemistry
Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) IH DAB Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) IH Fluorescence

Anti-GFP mAb (Clone: RQ2)

  • Excellent performance in IP and staining.
  • Wide variety of line-up including labeled antibodies.

Anti-GFP mAb (Clone: RQ2) Data

■ Immunoprecipitation ■ Immunoprecipitation (Agarose
Anti-GFP mAb (RQ2) IP Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) Agarose IP of GFP variants
■ Immunoprecipitation (Magnetic beads ■ Immunoprecipitation (Magnetic agarose
Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) Magnetic beads IP Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) Magnetic agarose IP
■ Immunocytochemistry
Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) Alexa
■ Immunocytochemistry(Alexa Fluor®labeled
Anti-GFP mAb (1E4) IH Fluorescence

Reactivity of Anti-GFP and GFP variants

Reactivity of Anti-RFP and RFP variants
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