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Anti-Digoxigenin (DIG) antibody

 Anti-Digoxigenin (DIG) antibody

  • Antibody for labeled nucleic acid probe detection.

Digoxigenin (DIG) is a small-molecule label primarily used for preparation of labeled nucleic acid probes. DIG-labeled DNA probes are prepared by incorporating DIG-labeled nucleotides or primers end-labeled with DIG during DNA synthesis by PCR, or by DNA labeling using the random primer method. RNA probes can be DIG-labeled as well. DIG-labeled DNA and RNA probes are used in various applications, including Northern blot, Southern blot, and in situ hybridization.
This Anti-Digoxigenin mAb is MBL's origainal clone. High sensitivity to detect DIG-labeled.

■ Northern Blotting

Total RNA derived from HEK293T cells was analyzed by Northern blot using a DIG-labeled MALAT1 probe.
Detection of DIG was compared using primary antibodies from different companies. DIG northern blot

■ RNA Fluorescence in situ hybridization


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