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Magnosphere™ MX200/Carboxyl is about 2 µm size magnetic particles. The surface of the magnetic particles are covered by our hydrophobic polymer. Ligands such as proteins can be efficiently immobilized by physical adsorption. In addition, it is also possible to chemically bond the ligand having an amino group via the carboxyl groups on the surface.

Features and specifications

● Uniform particle diameter
● Superparamagnetic
● High-speed magnetic response
● Good physical adsorption of the proteins
● Chemical bonding of the ligand having an amino group

Particle size 2.2 µm
Surface carboxyl density 6 nmol/mg beads approx.
Ligand coupling Covalent coupling or physical adsorption
Application Immunoassay

Product List

Code No. Product Surface Diameter
Function Density (COOH)
Particle Contents
J-MS-X200C MX200/Carboxyl Hydrophobic 2 5 2 5 Proclin 950

Magnosphere is a trademark of JSR corporation.