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MS160/Streptavidin & MS300/Streptavidin

MS160/Streptavidin & MS300/Streptavidin

Magnosphere™ MS160/Streptavidin & Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin is magnetic particles, streptavidin immobilized on the hydrophilic surface. Since the non-specific adsorption of such protein, nucleic acid to the particle surface is kept low, high purity biotin-labeled molecules can be recovered from the sample.

The particle surface is coated with a hydrophilic polymer which does not inhibit the enzymatic reaction. Consequently Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin can be added to the PCR, quantitative PCR reaction buffer.
Also this particle can be used as binding carrier of biotinylated antibody for chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay.

Features and specifications

● High affinity to biotinylated proteins or nucleotides
● Uniform particle size
● Superparamagnetic
● Rapid magnetic response
● Low non-specific binding

Particle size 1.5 µm 3 µm
Biotin binding capacity 600≦(pmol/mg) 400≦(pmol/mg)
Application Biotinylated ligand coupling
(Immunoassay, DNA/RNA capture, Enzyme immobilization, etc)

Application Data 1 (PCR)

Effect on PCR

Quantitative PCR was performed with Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin added to a known concentration of 100b.p.DNA, and the Threshold Cycle (Ct) was plotted. Ct was constant with no PCR inhibition up to 3 mg of Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin added to the reaction.

Application Data 2 (Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay)

Immunoprecipitation of FLAG-BAP from spiked Jurkat cell lysate Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) for a-fetoprotein (AFP)

An EIA test was performed by binding a biotinylated anti-AFP antibody to Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin and the competitor’s avidin particle. The signal intensity was measured by varying the AFP concentration. Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin showed a higher signal level than the competitor's particle.

Products List

Code No. Product Diameter
Biotine binding capacity (pmol/mg) Particle Contents (%) Volume
J-MS-S160S MS160/Streptavidin 1.5 ≧600 1 2 <0.09%NaN3
J-MS-S300S MS300/Streptavidin 3 ≧400 1 2 <0.09%NaN3

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