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Features of Magnosphere™

Features of Magnosphere™

Core shell structure & uniform particle diameter

Magnosphere™ has uniform particle size which is structured by core shell covered with magnetic layer and polymer layer.

Surface property

The surface propery of Magnosphere™ MX is hydrophobic. In contrast, that of Magnosphere™ MS is hydrophilic.

Contact angle measurement of Magnosphere™

Low iron exposure of Magnosphere™

Iron which is exposed on the magnetic particle surface will increase the background signal at CLEIA or EIA experiments.
Magnosphere™ is covered by polymers which minimize the iron exposure.

The iron amount on the surface of magnetic particles were measured by OPD adsorbance. Almost no iron exposure were observed on the surface of Magnosphere™.

Magnetic response

In terms of magnetic response, Magnosphere™ is divided into two different groups. Within a same product groups, there are almost no difference of magnetic response.
・slow magnetic response group : MS160, MX100* (1.5 µm, 1.1 µm)
・quick magnetic response group : MS300, MX200 (3 µm, 2.2 µm)

*MX100 is prototype product.

Magnosphere is a trademark of JSR corporation.