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“ExoCap Nucleic Acid Elution Bufferアイコン"

ExoCap™ Nucleic Acid Elution Buffer

The ExoCap™ Nucleic Acid Elution Buffer is a reagent suitable for extraction of nucleic acids from the samples isolated/enriched by immunoprecipitation using the ExoCap™ Capture Kit and other methods.* Three protocols for different applications are provided with this product for high-quality, high-yield mRNA/miRNA extraction from exosomes.
*This product can be used for exosomes isolated by other methods, and for other immunoprecipitated samples that do not contain exosomes. When the sample contains DNA, the recovered nucleic acids can be used for a DNA analysis.

Photo of ExoCap™ Nucleic Acid Elution Buffer kit RNA extraction step

Protocol: Separation method

Protocol of ExoCap™ Nucleic Acid Elution Buffer

Example of use

 Detection of miR-21 y using qRt-PCR for ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit

qRT-PCR for ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit
Exosome were isolated using the ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit (Code No. MEX-SA) and Anti-CD9 mAb-Biotin. Nucleic acids were purified using ExoCap™ Nucleic Acid Elution Buffer (Code No. MEX-E)and analyzed by qRT-PCR to detect miR-21.

"ExoCap" is a registered trademark of JSR Corporation.