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Active recombinant Kinase

・Many active recombinant kinases were expressed by baculovirus in insects cells.
・Each specific activity was confirmed by the radioisotope assay.

Products List


Code No. Active Recombinant Kinase
CY-SPA03 ABL1 (Mouse)
CY-SPA04 ABL2 (Human)
CY-SPA16 AKT1 (Human)
CY-SPA17-G AKT2 (Human)
CY-SPA17-H AKT2 (Human)
CY-SPA18 AKT3 (Human)
CY-SPM13 ASK1 (Human)
CY-SPB02 BLK (Human)
CY-SPB07 BMX (Human)
CY-SPP94 BRK (Human)
CY-SPB10 BTK (Human)
CY-SPC07 CAMK1 (Mouse)
CY-SPC08 CAMK1 β (Mouse)
CY-SPC10-F CAMK1 γ (Human)
CY-SPC10-P CAMK1 γ (Human)
CY-SPC09 CAMK1 δ (Human)
CY-SPC11 CAMK2 α (Human)
CY-SPC18 CAMK4 (Human) CY-SPC15
CY-SPA03 CAMKK2 (Human)
CY-SPC29 CDK2/Cyclin A2 (Human)
CY-SPC33 CDK5/p25 (Human)
CY-SPC47 CHK1 (Human)
CY-SPC48 CHK2 (Human)
CY-SPC70 CK2 α1 (Human)
CY-SPC63-G CSK (Human)
CY-SPC63-U CSK (Human), Tag-free
CY-SPD06 DDR2 (Human)
CY-SPE22 EPHB2 (Human)
CY-SPE23 EPHB3 (Human)
CY-SPM29 ERK1 (Human)
CY-SPP91 FAK (Human)
CY-SPF03 FES (Human)
CY-SPF04 FGFR1(FLT2) (Human)
CY-SPF10 FGR (Human)
CY-SPF14 FRK (Human)
CY-SPG03 GRK5 (Human)
CY-SPG08 GSK3 α (Human)
CY-SPG09 GSK3 β (Human)
CY-SPH02 HCK (Human)
CY-SPE27 HER2 (Human)
CY-SPH03 HIPK1 (Human)
CY-SPI13 ITK (Human)
CY-SPM33 JNK1 (Mouse)
CY-SPK01 KDR (Human)
CY-SPL03 LCK (Human)
CY-SPL13 LYN B (Human)
CY-SPM02 MEK1(EE) (Mouse)
CY-SPM523 MET (Rat)
CY-SPM55 MNK2 (Human)
CY-SPS25 MST1 (Human)
CY-SPS42 MST3 (Human)
CY-SPM59 MST4 (Human)
CY-SPN03 NEK2 (Human)
CY-SPN08 NEK6 (Human)
CY-SPN09 NEK7 (Human)
CY-SPM39 p38 α (Human)
CY-SPM36 p38 β (Human)
CY-SPM38 p38 γ (Human)
CY-SPM37 p38 δ (Human)
CY-SPR21 p70S6K (Human)
CY-SPP05 PAK4 (Human)
CY-SPP07 PAK7 (Human)
CY-SPP12 PDGFR α (Mouse)
CY-SPP13 PDGFR β (Human)
CY-SPP14 PDK1 (Human)
CY-SPP35 PIM1 (Human)
CY-SPP36 PIM2 (Human)
CY-SPP51 PKAc-α (Human)
CY-SPP52 PKAc-β (Human)
CY-SPP53 PKAc-γ (Human)
CY-SPP68 PKC iota (Human)
CY-SPP61 PKC α (Xenopus)
CY-SPP62 PKC β I (Human)
CY-SPP63 PKC β II (Human)
CY-SPP66 PKC γ (Human)
CY-SPP64 PKC δ (Human)
CY-SPP65 PKC ε (Human)
CY-SPP75 PKC ζ (Human)
CY-SPP67 PKC η (Human)
CY-SPP72 PKC μ (Human)
CY-SPP73 PKC ν (Human)
CY-SPP76 PKD2 (Human)
CY-SPP41 PLK1 (Human)
CY-SPP92 PYK2 (Human)
CY-SPR01 RAF1(EE) (Human)
CY-SPR08 RIPK2 (Human)
CY-SPR10 ROCK1 (Human)
CY-SPR11 ROCK2 (Human)
CY-SPR15 RSK1 (Human)
CY-SPR17 RSK2 (Human)
CY-SPR16 RSK3 (Human)
CY-SPS06 SGK1 (Human)
CY-SPS07 SGK2 (Human)
CY-SPS19-H SRC (Human)
CY-SPS19-V SRC (Rous sarcoma virus)
CY-SPS24 STK3 (Human)
CY-SPS52 SYK (Human)
CY-SPT04 TIE2 (Human)
CY-SPN16 TRKA (Human)
CY-SPT19 TXK (Human)
CY-SPZ02 ZAP70 (Human)