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LC3 antibody

The gold standard for autophagy research

LC3 とLC3 結合反応系 The three proteins, LC3, GABARAP (GABAA receptor-associated protein), and GATE-16 (Golgi-associated ATPase enhancer), are mammalian homologues of yeast Atg8. Among them, LC3 has been studied most extensively and frequently used as an autophagy marker in mammals. Newly translated LC3 (proLC3) is immediately processed at the C-terminus by Atg4B or Atg4A, forming LC3-I. Upon induction of autophagy, LC3-I is sequentially transferred to E1 and E2, and conjugated to the substrate, PE (phosphatidylethanolamine). The resulting PE-conjugated LC3 is called LC3-II. Although LC3-II has a higher molecular weight than LC3-I, the mobility of LC3-II is greater than LC3-I on SDS-PAGE, due to higher hydrophobicity. GABARAP and GATE-16 are also conjugated to PE in a similar process.

Recommend LC3 antibodies

* : Literature review
Code No. Clone Isotype Application Conjugate
PM036 Polyclonal Rabbit ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★*
M186-3 8E10 Mouse ★★★★ ★*
M186-7 8E10 Mouse ★★★★ HRP
M152-3 4E12 Mouse ★★★ ★★★★ ★* ★★★ ★★
PD014 Polyclonal Rabbit ★★★ ★* ★*

An antibody for Atg8 in filamentous fungi is also available. Click here.


Product data; LC3 antibodies

  • This antibody can be used by various application!

■ ImmunocytochemistryAnti-LC3 pAbのImmunocytochemistry

■ Immunoprecipitation

Anti-LC3 pAbのImmunoprecipitation

■ Western blotting
Anti-LC3 pAbのWestern Blotting

■ Immunohistochemistry
Anti-LC3 pAbのImmunohistochemistry

■ Flow cytometry
Anti-LC3 pAbのFlow cytometry

  • This antibody is suitable for Western blotting use!

■ Western blottingAnti-LC3 mAbのWetstern blotting

■ Western blotting (HRP conjugated antibody
Anti-LC3 mAb-HRP-DirecT(Code No. M186-7)のWestern blotting

  • This antibody is suitable for Immunocytochemistry use!

■ Immunocytochemistry
Anti-LC3 mAb(Code No. M152-3)のImmunocytochemistry

■ Immuno-EM
Anti-LC3 mAb(Code No. M152-3)Immuno-EM

Detection of autophagy by Anti-LC3 mAb (code No. M152-3, clone 4E12)(IC, FCM) using chloroquin

Addition of chloroquine to the medium inhibits lysosome-autophagosome fusion. In this experimental condition, immunocytochemistry (IC) using LC3 antibody reveals a large accumulation of autophagosomes, and flow cytometry (FCM) shows increased fluorescence intensity in the chloroquine-treated cells.

Anti-LC3 抗体の製品データ

LC3 Positive Control

■ Western blotting
LC3 Positive Controlのデータ

Product data; GABARAP antibody

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-GABARAP mAb(Code No. M135-3))

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-GABARAP pAb(Code No. PM037))

Product data; GATE-16 antibody

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-GATE-16 pAb(Code No. PM038))