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“Atg8, Atg7, Atg3アイコン

Atg8, Atg7, Atg3

Atg8-conjugation system


After the ubiquitin-like protein Atg8 has had its C-terminal arginine residue cleaved by the cysteine protease Atg4, it is passed on to E1 (Atg7) and E2 (Atg3) and transferred into the head group of its substrate phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). This Atg8-PE conjugate functions as part of the membrane component of the autophagosome. When Atg8-PE is once again deconjugated PE by Atg4, the Atg8 is recycled. Incidentally, an E3-like protein in autophagy has not yet been found.

Product data; Atg3 antibodies

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-Atg3 mAb(Code No. M133-3))

Product data; Atg4B antibody

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-Atg4B mAb(Code No. M134-3))

Product data; Atg7 antibody

■ Western blotting
Western blotting (Anti-Atg7 (Human) pAb(Code No.PM039))

Product data; Atg8 antibody

■ Western blotting
Western blotting(Anti-Atg8 (Filamentous fungi) pAb(Code No.PM090))

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