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Brochures & leaflets (MHC tetramer)

The information contained in these catalogs is the information at the time of publication.
To date, specifications, prices, conditions, etc. may have changed, or products may have been discontinued.

Mouse MHC class II Tetramer■Mouse MHC class II Tetramer
Introduction of Mouse MHC class II tetramers. MHC class II tetramers can be used for direct detection of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells(Jan. 2024)
PDF ver.: 1.4MB
MHC Tetramer brochure■MHC Tetramer brochure
Overview brochure for MHC Tetramer products and service.(Aug. 2023)
PDF ver.: 878KB
QuickSwitch™ Quant Tetramer Kit Starter Guide■QuickSwitch™ Quant Tetramer Kit Starter Guide
(Jun. 2022)
PDF ver.: 8.2 MB
MHC tetramer staining with various human CD8 clones■MHC tetramer staining with various human CD8 clones
(Mar. 2020)
PDF ver.: 501KB
T-Select MHC Tetramer Ver.2■T-Select MHC Tetramer Ver.2
MHC Tetramers can be used for direct detection of antigen-specific T cells. Available as ready-to-use reagents conjugated to fluorochrome.(Oct. 2019)
PDF ver.: 8.5 MB
QuickSwitch<sup>™</sup> Custom Tetramer Kits■QuickSwitch Custom Tetramer Kits
Kits for preparation of custom tetramers in the laboratory using our proprietary peptide exchange technology(Aug. 2017)
PDF ver.: 1.5MB
MHC class I HLA-E Tetramer■MHC class I HLA-E Tetramer
HLA-E Tetramer can be used for direct detection of antigen specific NK cells and T cells.(Aug. 2014)
PDF ver.: 1.0MB