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Code No. TS-5001-2C

T-Select H-2Kb OVA Tetramer-SIINFEKL-APC



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Class Class I Animal species Mouse
Category OVA
Conjugate APC
Immunogen (Antigen) OVA
MHC Allele H-2Kb
Location (aa) 257-264 Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
  1. Teramoto K et al. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) encoding a pan-major histocompatibility complex class II peptide analogue augmented antigen-specific cellular immunity and suppressive effects on tumor growth elicited by DNA vaccine immunotherapy. Cancer Res. 63, 7920-5 (2003)(PMID:14633722)
  1. Li W et al. Immunostimulating properties of intragastrically administered Acetobacter-derived soluble branched (1,4)-beta-D-glucans decrease murine susceptibility to Listeria monocytogenes. Infect Immunol. 72, 7005-11 (2004)(PMID:15557623)
  1. Yajima T et al. A novel role of IL-15 in early activation of memory CD8+ CTL after reinfection. J Immunol. 174, 3590-7 (2005)(PMID:15749896)
  1. Yajima T et al. IL-15 regulates CD8+ T cell contraction during primary infection. J Immunol. 176, 507-15 (2006)(PMID:16365444)
  1. Wakita D et al. An indispensable role of type-1 IFNs for inducing CTL-mediated complete eradication of established tumor tissue by CpG-liposome co-encapsulated with model tumor antigen. Int Immunol. 18, 425-34 (2006)(PMID:16415100)
  1. Yokouchi H et al. Tetramer-blocking assay for defining antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes using peptide-MHC tetramer. Cancer Sci. 97, 148-54 (2006)(PMID:16441426)
  1. Chamoto K et al. An essential role of antigen-presenting cell/T-helper type 1 cell-cell interactions in draining lymph node during complete eradication of class II-negative tumor tissue by T-helper type 1 cell therapy. Cancer Res. 66, 1809-17 (2006)(PMID:16452242)
  1. Saito K et al. Impaired protection against Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Guerin infection in IL-15-deficient mice. J Immunol. 176, 2496-504 (2006)(PMID:16456010)
  1. Taneichi M et al. Antigen chemically coupled to the surface of liposomes are cross-presented to CD8+ T cells and induce potent antitumor immunity. J. Immunol. 177, 2324-30 (2006)(PMID:16887993)
  1. Zhang Y et al. Th1 cell adjuvant therapy combined with tumor vaccination: a novel strategy for promoting CTL responses while avoiding the accumulation of Tregs. Int Immunol. 19, 151-61 (2007)(PMID:17189593)
  1. Li W et al. Tyk2 signaling in host environment plays an important role in contraction of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells following a microbial infection. J Immunol. 178, 4482-8 (2007)(PMID:17372006)
  1. Sugiyama T et al. Immunoadjuvant effects of polyadenylic:polyuridylic acids through TLR3 and TLR7. Int Immunol. 20, 1-9 (2008)(PMID:17981792)
  1. Wakabayashi A et al. Suppression of an already established tumor growing through activated mucosal CTLs induced by oral administration of tumor antigen with cholera toxin. J Immunol. 180, 4000-10 (2008)(PMID:18322209)
  1. Miyakoda M et al. Malaria-specific and nonspecific activation of CD8+ T cells during blood stage of Plasmodium berghei infection. J Immunol. 181, 1420-8 (2008)(PMID:18606696)
  1. Tang C et al. IL-15 protects antigen-specific CD8+ T cell contraction after Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Gu_rin infection. J. Leukoc. Biol. 86: 187-194 (2009)(PMID:19389797)
  1. Senju S et al. Characterization of dendritic cells and macrophages generated by directed differentiation from mouse induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cells. 27, 1021-|31 (2009)(PMID:19415766)
  1. Asano J et al. Nucleotide oligomerization binding domain-like receptor signaling enhances dendritic cell-mediated cross-priming in vivo. J Immunol. 184, 736-45 (2010)(PMID:20008287)
  1. Takeshima T et al. Local radiation therapy inhibits tumor growth through the generation of tumor-specific CTL: its potentiation by combination with Th1 cell therapy. Cancer Res. 70, 2697-706 (2010)(PMID:20215523)
  1. Yanai H et al. Suppression of immune responses by nonimmunogenic oligodeoxynucleotides with high affinity for high-mobility group box proteins (HMGBs). PNAS 108, 11542-7 (2011)(PMID:21709231)
  1. Kurachi S et al. Chemokine receptor CXCR3 facilitates CD8(+) T cell differentiation into short-lived effector cells leading to memory degeneration. J Exp Med. 208, 1605-20 (2011)(PMID:21788406)
  1. Dashtsoodol N et al. Generation of Novel Traj18-Deficient Mice Lacking Vα14 Natural Killer T Cells with an Undisturbed T Cell Receptor α-Chain Repertoire. PLoS One. 11, e0153347 (2016)(PMID:27064277)
  1. Dashtsoodol N et al. Natural Killer T Cell-Targeted Immunotherapy Mediating Long-term Memory Responses and Strong Antitumor Activity. Front Immunol. 8, 1206 (2017)(PMID:28993781)
  1. Matsuo H et al. CD11c-specific bio-nanocapsule enhances vaccine immunogenicity by targeting immune cells. J Nanobiotechnology 16, 59 (2018)(PMID:30077180)
  1. Gotoh K et al. Mitochondrial p32/C1qbp Is a Critical Regulator of Dendritic Cell Metabolism and Maturation. Cell Rep. 25, 1800-1815.e4 (2018)(PMID:30428349)
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