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CycLex® SIRT3 Deacetylase Fluorometric Assay Kit Ver.2
Price ¥64,000
Size 100 assays
Availability (in Japan) 1-9
(In Japan at 17:00, Jun 6, 2020 in JST)
Components SIRT3 Assay Buffer, Fluoro-Substrate Peptide (0.2 mM), Fluoro-Deacetylated Peptide (0.2 mM), NAD (2 mM), Developer, Recombinant SIRT3, Stop Solution
Intended use This kit is designed for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of SIRT3 inhibitors or activators using
crude SIRT3 fraction or purified SIRT3.
Storage temp. -70°C
Manufacturer MBL
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Product category :CancerResearch area:Cancer Drug discovery

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  1. Sun Y et al. Exogenous H2S switches cardiac energy substrate metabolism by regulating SIRT3 expression in db/db mice. J Mol Med. 96, 281-299 (2018)(PMID:29349500)
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