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Code No. CY-8074

CircuLex Human Chitotriosidase ELISA Kit



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Components Microplate, 10xWash Buffer, Dilution Buffer, Human Chitotriosidase Standard, HRP conjugated Detection Antibody, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
Intended use This Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of human chitotriosidase in human serum/plasma, cell extract, cell conditioned medium and other biological samples.
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
Sample Serum, Plasma, Cell extract, Cell conditioned medium, Other biological samples
Measurement range 56.25~3600 pg/mL
Sensitivity 48.3 pg/mL~
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  1. Varghese AM et al. Chitotriosidase - a putative biomarker for sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Clin Proteomics. 10, 19 (2013)(PMID:24295388)
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