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Code No. J-MS-S160T

Magnosphere™ MS160/Tosyl



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4 mL

Magnosphere™ MS160/Tosyl & MS300/Tosyl are magnetic particles especially for high purity bioseparation. The surface of these particles are coated with hydrophilic polymer for reducing non-specific binding and are activated with p-toluene sulfonyl (tosyl) group. The Tosyl group enables to immobilize ligands such as antibody without using coupling reagents.The activated Tosyl group is eliminated though a coupling reaction, the surface of the particles became hydrophilic to reduce non-specific binding.
Uniform particle size and superparamagnetic property of the Magnosphere™MS160/Tosyl & MS300/Tosyl provide good magnetic separation and re-suspension response.

Diameter (µm): 1.5
Function Density (Tosyl) (µmol/g): 150
Particle Contents (%): 1
Volume (ml): 4
Preservative: Proclin 950
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer JSR Life Sciences Corporation
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Notes Magnosphere is a trademark of JSR corporation.
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Magnetic particle

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