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Code No. CY-8151

CircuLex AGE-RAGE in vitro Binding Assay Kit



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96 Assay

  • AGE-RAGE in vitro Binding Assay

    AGE-RAGE <em>in vitro</em> Binding Assay
    Typical dose response curve of Recombinant His-tagged sRAGE

Components AGE2-BSA coated Microplate, BSA coated Microplate, Recombinant His-tagged sRAGE, Reaction Buffer, 20X Inhibitor Control Compound, HRP conjugated anti-His-tag monoclonal antibody, 10X Wash Buffer, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
Intended use This Kit is primarily designed to screening inhibitors of AGE2 (glyceraldehyde-modified AGE)-sRAGE interaction (solubleRAGE) in vitro.
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
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Drug discovery

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