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Code No. CY-8150

CircuLex PCSK9-LDLR in vitro Binding Assay Kit



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96 assays

Components Microplate, Recombinant His-tagged PCSK9 wild type, Biotinylated anti-His-tag monoclonal antibody, Reaction Buffer, HRP-conjugated Streptavidin, Conjugate Dilution Buffer, 10X Wash Buffer, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
Intended use This Kit is primarily designed to screening inhibitors of PCSK9-LDLR interaction in vitro.
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
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  1. Lammi C et al. Lupin peptides modulate the protein-protein interaction of PCSK9 with the low density lipoprotein receptor in HepG2 cells. Sci Rep. 6, 29931 (2016)(PMID:27424515)
  1. Lammi C et al. Biological Characterization of Computationally Designed Analogs of peptide TVFTSWEEYLDWV (Pep2-8) with Increased PCSK9 Antagonistic Activity. Sci Rep. 9, 2343 (2019)(PMID:30787312)
  1. Evison BJ et al. A Small Molecule Inhibitor of PCSK9 That Antagonizes LDL Receptor Binding via Interaction With a Cryptic PCSK9 Binding Groove. Bioorg Med Chem. 28, 115344 (2020)(PMID:32051094)
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