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Anti-GFP mAb-Magnetic Beads for My select sampler set
Price ¥12,000
Size 4 tests (Slurry: 200 µL)
Availability (in Japan) 10 or more
(In Japan at 17:30, Aug 10, 2022 in JST)
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone RQ2
(Immunized Animal)
Rat IgG2aκ
Applications IP 50 µL/sample  
RIP* repoted.  (PMID: 28291789)
Co-IP* reported.  (PMID: 28576827)
GFP purified from GFP expressed 293T cells
Storage buffer PBS/0.1% BSA/0.1% ProClin 150
Storage temp. 4°C
Conjugate Magnetic Beads
Manufacturer MBL
Alternative names Green Fluorescent Protein
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Product category Tools:Epitope tags Fluorescent proteins



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RNP Immunoprecipitation

  1. Sommer G et al. Applying a high-throughput fluorescence polarization assay for the discovery of chemical probes blocking La:RNA interactions in vitro and in cells. PLoS One. 12, e0173246 (2017)(PMID:28291789)
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    ChIP: Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, CoIP: Co-Immunoprecipitation
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