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Anti-IgG (H+L chain) (Rabbit) pAb-HRP
Price ¥20,000
Size 1 mL
Availability (in Japan) 10 or more
(In Japan at 00:05, Sep 28, 2021 in JST)
Clonality Polyclonal
Clone Polyclonal
(Immunized Animal)
Goat Fab'(aff.)
Applications WB 1:5,000-1:10,000  
ELISA 1:5,000-1:10,000  
IH* reported.  (PMID: 33201413)
Co-IP* reported.  (PMID: 33219233)
Rabbit IgG (H+L chain)
Reactivity [Gene ID]


Storage buffer 1mL of phosphate buffer/1% BSA/preservative
Storage temp. 4°C
Conjugate HRP
Manufacturer MBL
Product category Tools:Immunogloblin 2nd antibodies

Western Blotting

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