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Code No. CM004-6

Anti-SynCAM (TSLC1/CADM1) mAb-Biotin



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100 µg/100 µL

  • Flow Cytometry

Clonality Monoclonal Clone 3E1
Isotype (Immunized Animal) Chicken IgY
reported.  (PMID: 27756895
1 µg/mL  
Immunogen (Antigen) Recombinant Fc-SynCAM fusion protein
Reactivity [Gene ID]

Human[23705], Rat*[363058](PMID: 27756895)

Storage buffer 1 mg/mL in PBS/1% BSA/0.1% ProClin 150
Storage temp. 4°C Conjugate Biotin Manufacturer MBL
Alternative names cell adhesion molecule 1, IgSF4, NECL-2, SgIgSF, TSLC1, CADM1, BL2, ST17, RA175
Background SynCAM (Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecule), also known as TSLC1 (tumor suppressor in lung cancer-1), SgIGSF, or CADM1, is a homophilic, transmembrane Ig-domain containing protein with intracellular PDZ protein-binding motifs. Although originally identified as a tumor suppressor of small lung cell carcinomas, SynCAM appears to be primarily involved in intracellular adhesion and synapse formation. The majority of SynCAM is localized to synaptic sites where it initiates synaptic assembly and synapse differentiation throughout the central nervous system. SynCAM also mediates the cellular adhesion of spermatogenic cells to Sertoli cells and mast cells to fibroblasts.
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  1. Rademacher N et al. MPP2 is a postsynaptic MAGUK scaffold protein that links SynCAM1 cell adhesion molecules to core components of the postsynaptic density. Sci Rep. 6, 35283 (2016)(PMID:27756895)

Flow Cytometry

  1. Balan S et al. Large-Scale Human Dendritic Cell Differentiation Revealing Notch-Dependent Lineage Bifurcation and Heterogeneity. Cell Rep. 24, 1902-1915.e6 (2018)(PMID:30110645)
  2. Cañete PF et al. Regulatory roles of IL-10-producing human follicular T cells. J Exp Med. 216, 1843-1856 (2019)(PMID:31209070)
  3. Makiyama J et al. CD4+ CADM1+ cell percentage predicts disease progression in HTLV-1 carriers and indolent adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma. Cancer Sci. 110, 3746-3753 (2019) (PMID:31642546)
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