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Code No. K0186-3

Anti-HLA-A2 (Human) mAb



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100 µg/100 µL

  • Flow Cytometry

Clonality Monoclonal Clone BB7.2
Isotype (Immunized Animal) Mouse IgG2b
1 µg/200 uL of cell extract from 5x106 cells  
1 µg/mL (final concentration)  
10 µg/mL (Heat treatment is necessary for paraffin embedded sections.)  
Immunogen (Antigen) papain solubilized HLA-A2
Reactivity [Gene ID]


Storage buffer 1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
Storage temp. -20°C Conjugate Unlabeled Manufacturer MBL
Background Human leukocyte antigen-A2 (HLA-A2) is a class I molecule of the human major histocompatibility complex (MHC). It is a heterodimer composed of a 43 kDa α subunit that is non-covalently associated with the 12 kDa β2-microglobulin protein. HLA-A2, like other class I molecules, binds peptides from proteins degraded in the cytoplasm and plays a role in antigen presentation and interaction with CD8+ T cells. HLA-A2 is the most common HLA-A allele in the Caucasian and American Indian populations (50% and ~30%, respectively) and A2 restricted T cell epitopes have been studied widely.
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  1. Wu F et al. Human effector T cells derived from central memory cells rather than CD8(+)T cells modified by tumor-specific TCR gene transfer possess superior traits for adoptive immunotherapy. Cancer Lett. 339, 195-207 (2013)(PMID:23791878)

Flow Cytometry

  1. Kozako T et al. Reduced frequency, diversity, and function of human T cell leukemia virus type 1-specific CD8+ T cell in adult T cell leukemia patients. J Immunol. 177, 5718-26 (2006)(PMID:17015761)
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