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HRP-DirecT Series

- High-sensitive HRP-conjugated Tag antibodies -




HRP-DirecT is a series of HRP-conjugated primary antibodies developed by MBL. The HRP-DirecT Series products don't need secondary antibodies. This brings the advantages such as the reduction of total incubation time and clear results. However, with conventional directly conjugated antibodies, it is thought to be difficult to obtain strong signals. To overcome this problem, MBL optipize the HRP conjugation method and HRP-DirecT series yield a much stronger signal together with reduced background.

  • Quick!
    Reduce total incubation time to 1/3

assay time


  • Highly sensitive

Anti-GFP HRP-DirecT (Code No.598-7)

Anti-RFP HRP-DirecT (Code No.PM005-7)

Anti-GST-Tag HRP-DirecT (Code No.PM013-7)

Anti-Myc-Tag HRP-DirecT (Code No.M047-7)

Anti-HA-Tag HRP-DirecT (Code No.561-7)

Anti-V5-Tag HRP-DirecT (Code No.PM003-7)

Anti-DDDDK-Tag HRP-DirecT (Code No.PM020-7)

Clear Back for IP Western (Code No.MTG-002)

ProteinA/G blocking reagent for HRP-DirecT - To obtain clearer data -

Boiling the Immunoprecipitated sample with Laemmli's sample buffer; this causes dissociation of protein A/G from its carrier. Therefore, the primary and secondary antibodies bind to protein A/G at western blotting. To prevent this, add Clear Back for IP Western to HRP-DirecT solution. Clear Back for IP Western prevents the reaction of protein A/G with the primary and secondary antibodies used at WB and blocks non-specific bands.

(See the data in PM013-7:Anti-GST-Tag HRP-DirecT)

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