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About the code number change of some MHC tetramer products

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that the following MHC tetramer products' code numbers have been revised due to change of manufacturing site from Japan to USA.
Others, such as the quality, the specifications, and the prices are not changed.
We apologize for the inconveniences.

Your understanding is deeply appreciated.


change date:Feb 7, 2017

Product List

Previous product Code No. New product Code No. Product name
TS-5017-1C TB-5017-1 T-Select H-2Db SIV gag Tetramer-AAVKNWMTQTL-PE
TS-5017-2C TB-5017-2 T-Select H-2Db SIV gag Tetramer-AAVKNWMTQTL-APC
TS-0015-1C TB-0015-1 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu E75 Tetramer-KIFGSLAFL-PE
TS-0015-2C TB-0015-2 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Her-2/neu E75 Tetramer-KIFGSLAFL-APC
TS-0018-1C TB-0018-1 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 HBV core Tetramer-FLPSDFFPSV-PE
TS-0018-2C TB-0018-2 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 HBV core Tetramer-FLPSDFFPSV-APC
TS-0027-1C TB-0027-1 T-Select HLA-B*35:01 CMV pp65 Tetramer-IPSINVHHY-PE
TS-0027-2C TB-0027-2 T-Select HLA-B*35:01 CMV pp65 Tetramer-IPSINVHHY-APC