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2017 New products

Mar. 30. 2017
CircuLex Mouse NAMPT/PBEF ELISA Kit is graded up!!
Stability has been increased. Visfatin/NAMPT inhibitors have been clinically evaluated for a new treatment of inflammatory disorders.
Mar. 30. 2017
7 items including ELISA kits are newly joined CycLex and CircuLex brand!
For drug discovery and evaluation of markers of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and familial hypercholesterolemia.
Mar. 30. 2017
Anti-TLR3 (CD283) (Human) monoclonal antibody (clone TLR3.7) is now available.
For Flow Cytometry and Immunostaining. Cited well.
Mar. 06. 2017
2 monoclonal antibodies against cancer-testis antigens, Tex101 and Ly6k, are now available.
For WB, IP, FCM and IHC-fr.
Mar. 06. 2017
Anti-Inosine polyclonal antibody is now available.
For the study of RNA modification.
Mar. 01. 2017
ExoCap™ Ultracentrifugation/Storage Booster is now available.
Can improve the recovery rate and storage stability of exosomes.
Feb. 20. 2017
Anti-BMAL1 monoclonal antibody (clone 2F11) is now available.
Can be used in IHC and WB. For the study of Circadian rhythm.
Jan. 25. 2017
QuickSwitch (Quant) Tetramer Kits are now available.
These Kits utilize a patented technique for exchanging up to ten peptides on an MHC class I tetramer. Components for quantifying the extent of peptide exchange by flow cytometry are included.