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His-tagged Protein Purification Kit

For the purification of proteins to maintain their activities


With Anti-His tag Beads developed by MBL, His tagged proteins can be purified at neutral pH quickly and efficiently.

For the isolation of His tagged protein from cell culture supernatants containing serum


Unlike metal chelate affinity chromatography, serum components are not absorbed by the columns.

Isolation of proteins stands at the heart of modern biochemistry. Researchers in many fields require highly purified, active proteins for studies involving signaling pathways, enzymology, receptor binding, DNA binding, post-transcriptional modifications, and much more.

Tagged Protein Purification Kit is designed for the isolation of tagged proteins from cell lysates and culture supernatant. MBL has developed anti-tag beads for quick and efficient purification of tagged proteins at neutral pH to maintain their activities and native conformations.



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