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c-Myc-tagged Protein Mild Purification Kit

  • MBL improved the purification capacity of the Anti-c-Myc tag Beads by using the new monoclonal antibody (Clone 1G4).

Purification of tagged proteins to maintain their activities and native conformations


The ability to isolate and study a purified protein lies at the heart of modern biochemistry. Researchers in many fields require highly purified, active proteins for studies involving signaling pathways, enzymology, receptor binding, DNA binding, post-transcriptional modifications, and much more. Elution in severe environments such as acidic or alkaline conditions can denature protein structure, while maintaining a neutral pH can preserve protein activity and conformation.

The c-Myc-tagged Protein Mild Purification Kit is designed for quick and efficient isolation of c-Myc tagged protein from cell lysates and culture supernatant at neutral pH . This kit is simple and fast, because all procedures of this kit have been optimized by using a Spin Column.

The affinity of the anti-c-Myc tag antibody is also very important. Very high affinity antibody cannot be dissociated from the c-Myc tagged protein, and low affinity antibody is not sufficient for binding. MBL has optimized the affinity of the anti-c-Myc tag antibody to permit high yields and efficient purification of functional c-Myc-tagged proteins for biochemical studies.

■c-Myc-tagged Protein Mild Purification Kit ver.2
PDF ver.: 216KB (in Japanese)

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