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Code No. SI-8020

Fluoppi: Ash-hAG-Lenti pEF1a (Ash-Neo-MNL/MCL + hAG-Puro-MNL/MCL)



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10 µg each

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Components Plasmids (pLV-EF1a-Ash-MNL-Neomycin, pLV-EF1a-Ash-MCL-Neomycin, pLV-EF1a-hAG-MNL-Puromycin, pLV-EF1a-hAG-MCL-Puromycin)
Intended use For Fluoppi analysis. Fluoppi is a technology providing an easy way to visualize protein-protein interactions (PPIs) with a high signal to noise ratio.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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M223-3 Anti-Ash-tag mAb
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Fluorescent proteins

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