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Code No. AM-8201M

Fluoppi : Ash-hAG [ p53-MDM2 ]



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10 µg + 10 µg

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    Properties of fluorescent protein "humanized Azami-Green"

  • Plasmid Map of pAsh/p53 and phAG/MDM2

    Plasmid Map of pAsh/p53 and phAG/MDM2

Components pAsh/p53 Plasmid, phAG/MDM2 Plasmid
Intended use Fluoppi : Ash-hAG [p53-MDM2] contains two plasmids for detecting p53-MDM2 interaction in living cells.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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Notes Product code printed in the datasheet is the old code. Please refer to this website for the current product code. There is no change in product's performance, size, and usage except for the product code.

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